Hello my lovelies. What have you been up to today? Have you been stitching away making Christmas presents? I wasn’t planning on making any presents this year. It doesn’t seem that long ago we were welcoming the New Year in! How can it be possible that Christmas is just four short weeks away?????

This year I have decided that I will not purchase a poinsettia plant. Instead we purchased a potted Christmas tree which I hope will keep growing well beyond Christmas. I plan on adding a few baubles and perhaps a few fairy lights to my tree making it look lovely and festive. This tree will be living outside all year round.

As for decorating the house, well once again I plan on a vintage look Christmas. So it will be paper chains, smelly candles and other vintage looking ornaments. I have given up the traditional indoor Christmas for some twiggy bits with a few fairy lights and some choice ornaments. Less is more.

Today has been a pretty busy day for this very happy longarm quilter. I spent several hours in my sewing room working on Sue’s Festive Whimsy. I worked until the job was finished. Here’s what it looks like now …..

Sues Festive Whimsy

Sues Festive Whimsy 2

Sues Festive Whimsy 3

I quilted this one very much in the same fashion as I quilted my own. I kept it simple and for the most part it is lightly quilted. I auditioned different colours of thread and at the end of the day I went for a coffee colour which matches the borders beautifully and blends in nicely with the centre blocks. It was lovely working on this quilt today.

With Christmas around the corner I have stopped taking longarm quilting bookings until after Christmas. So now I’m in the Finish it Up mode and on the downward slope to the holidays. Only a hand full of quilts to go and I can turn my longarm quilting system off for a couple of weeks. I stepped out at lunchtime to go to the bank and popped into the supermarket and it was so busy. Note to self; only go to the supermarket first thing in the morning for the next few weeks.

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will be doing some stitchery work. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing something festive. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥

Hello again my lovelies. Have you been productive today? Well there is much progress to report from happy longarm quilter manor today. My Sarah and I headed out to do some Christmas shopping this morning. I suppose that in itself is being productive. I got my hubby’s gift sorted. I decided to go with something practical this year.

The shops are all decorated for Christmas and the festive music is just the thing to get you in the mood for Christmas. I must admit I am looking forward to rolling up the drawbridge and having a quiet time. For me the best part of Christmas is having a break.

I had a few tasks on my To-Do List for today. And to be honest I didn’t think I would get many of those tasks done. Well tonight I’m very pleased to tell you that I managed to get everything on my list done.

One of the tasks on my list was to load Sue’s quilt into my longarm quilting system. Sue attended my Festive Whimsy class back in the spring and summer. And this is her version of my Whimsy quilt …..

Sues Festive Whimsy

Sue stepped out of the box and out of my comfort zone and used a dark background. And I’m so glad she did because she has inspired me to use a dark background on some of my upcoming project. After seeing how I quilted my Festive Whimsy Sue decided she wanted a similar quilting job done on hers. I hope to get started in the morning.

I went on to cut strips for a project which is in the planning …..

Cutting strips

By the time I left my sewing room my new project looked like this …..

Stripping progress

This is one of next years’ class projects. I’m enjoying setting up my new class projects. All the fabric that I have been collecting over the year is finally being used! My biggest problem is deciding which fabric to use.

It’s been a pretty good day in my little world. This morning I was stressing over Christmas. I worried I wouldn’t get everything done in good time for Christmas. After looking at my work list and diary things are not as bad as I thought. I have plenty to keep me busy between now and Christmas but if I use my time wisely I will definitely get to Christmas at the same time as everyone else.

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will be doing some stitchery work. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing something you really enjoy. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching.♥ ♥

I’m back!!!!! Oh yes folks, as usual I have been pretty busy over the last three days. And I don’t have any photos to prove it. How silly am I????? Because I’ve been running around for the last few days I decided that I would put my feet up for a few hours this afternoon. I spent the morning playing in my sewing room finishing up a few things. I got quite a lot done today. I finished piecing a Jelly Roll Race quilt …..

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

I went on to add some handles to a sample for next years’ classes …..

Making bag handles

I did some stitchery work which I’m loving the look of …..

Stitchery work

And finally when I did put my feet up I played with this gadget …..

Making Yo-Yos 1

to make a few Yo-Yos …..

Todays Yo-Yo

If you would like to see how I use my Clover Yo-Yo Maker click here to be taken to a written tutorial.

And the whole time I worked, whether it was in the sewing room or in my sitting room, I had company …..


Well it seems that I’m not the only one who wants to get Works in Progress/UFOs finished in the New Year. I’ve had several emails and such about joining my virtual Finish it Up Club. So if you want to join in just let me know by commenting. And when you start finishing things off in the New Year send me a photo. We can cheer each other on and perhaps even find inspiration. Let’s get those projects finished in 2015.

It’s been a brilliant day for me. I got quite a lot done today for which I am very grateful but because I did what I did at a slow and measured speed it was as good as a rest. I’m looking forward to revealing what’s going on behind the scenes at happy longarm quilter manor. There’s definitely something for everyone in the works. 2015 is going to be the year that I go back to basics. I’ve done all the complicated techniques over the years, so now it’s time to re-visit the basics and build on that.

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter is going to be making a few more Yo-Yos and perhaps doing a little bit more stitchery work. I hope you’ve had a super cosy weekend doing all the things you love the most. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥

Hello my lovelies. Have you all had a busy week? As the end of the year and the festive season approaches the days seem to speed up. I know that there are still 24 hours in a day only the hands on the clock seem to be moving much more quickly. This past week is a whirlwind and a distant memory for me.

I did some longarm quilting and loads of work on next years’ projects. I went on to teach a couple of classes at Stitchin’ Heaven and all of a sudden the work week is finished! Yesterday was the first of the Christmas Surprise classes and we had a super time. I can’t show you what we worked on because it will spoil the surprise for those taking the class in the weeks ahead. However I can show you a bit of progress on Marion’s Beginner’s Sampler Quilt and her Festive Whimsy Quilt. Have a look at this …..

Marions Beginners Sample Quilt


Marion Festive Whimsy


I spent the day in the company of our Friday Beginner’s Sampler Quilt class. Our numbers have grown such that there weren’t many spare seats. And I was so busy that I completely forgot to take any progress report photos. Mick kept us hydrated with hot drinks and fed us delicious biscuits. We had several holidaymakers pop in to have a look around and to stock up on lovely fabric. And as usual I tried to be on my best behaviour. All-in-all it was a good day. It amazes me how little time it takes for my students to get into the groove. They soon learn the steps taken to piece a block. They quickly learn to read pattern diagrams. And I quickly discovered that for quite a lot of beginners the most difficult part of piecing blocks is choosing fabrics. I ended the day with a sense of accomplishment; it’s not that I managed to piece a block or choose the perfect fabrics for a block but that somehow I could get the message across to several ladies and put them on the track to patchwork and quilting. And something that really impresses me is of all the ladies that kept me company today there was only one using a sewing machine. Going back to basics is really refreshing. And I know I have said it many times before but less really is more.

So it’s been a really good productive week for this very happy longarm quilter. Tomorrow is another Christmas Surprise class and Sunday I’m going to put my feet up and have some proper me time. Monday will be here soon enough so I will definitely need to recharge my battery ready for another big week ahead.

So for this evening, this very longarm quilter will be doing some very enjoyable stitchery work. I hope you have a super cosy weekend doing something you love. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥

Hello my lovelies. It’s been a super day in my little world. I had another quiet day in my sewing room. I spent some time longarm quilting Karen’s superbly cheerful quilt. This quilt was perfect for a dark and dreary day like today. The colours are bright and lively. Have a look at this …..




Doesn’t the quilt make you happy? Well it certainly makes me happy. This quilt was a dream to quilt. And I’m quite sure the recipient will treasure it for many years to come.

I think it must be time for us to start a virtual Finish it Off Club where we can have a monthly show and tell  that might help us all get those millions of UFOs finished. I for one have so many projects in different stages and once they are finished they can be distributed which will in turn make space in my sewing room. So that’s my goal for 2015; get as many ongoing projects finished. Have you started thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2015? So far finishing off as many UFOs as I can is at the top of my list but I plan on adding plenty of goals that I know for sure I can achieve. Loading the list with achievable goals leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment which encourages you to go on to accomplish even more.

The next few weeks are going to be full of fun and frolic. With only 35 sleeps left until Christmas and the first Christmas Surprise class tomorrow, life will definitely be full of festivities for this very happy longarm quilter. I wish I could boast that all my Christmas shopping is done but that would be a lie. So along with the festivities, classes and longarm quilting I will have to squeeze some Christmas shopping in sometime soon. I popped into the supermarket this afternoon for a few bits and there’s already a buzz in the air. The roads are more congested making any journey out likely to take longer than expected. Patience is a virtue. At least here in the UK we’re not likely to have to worry too much about snow!

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will be doing some fine hand appliqué work and perhaps some stitchery work. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing something festive. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥

What a great day I’ve had. I’ve kept myself good and busy all day. Apart from walking the dog first thing this morning I haven’t set foot across the threshold today. I worked really hard on my winter scene. I used one of my favourite useful techniques …..

Making Circles

Making really good circles and ovals can be difficult but my method is easy peasy. Click here to be taken to my preferred method of making really good circles.

Once my really good circles were finished I went on to working out how to represent the horizon …..

Horizon Work

I can’t tell you too much about this one. Just let’s say that I worked out a very simple way of depicting the horizon without any struggle. Designing can be so much fun. Especially when you can see a plan coming together! I managed to get my winter scene block all laid out and tacked ready for the fine hand stitching that will secure the patches to the horizon background.

And later I moved onto loading Karen’s quilt in my longarm quilting system. This is a fab quilt. It’s bright and cheerful; perfect for snuggling under on a cold winters’ day. The person who will be receiving this quilt is one lucky person. Karen has chosen a quilting design called Simple Texture by Celine Spader. I can’t wait to start longarm quilting this one.

Karens Quilt

CSPANTO46 simple texture

I found a really good tutorial on YouTube recently. I think this would be a great way of using up my scraps. If only I could find the time to try this one out for myself. It’s called the Tipsy Tumbler Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co, click here to see for yourself.

It’s been a really great day in my little world. The only thing missing today was human contact. I haven’t seen a soul all day but I certainly got loads done. I believe tomorrow will basically be a repeat of today. The quiet gives me a chance to blast thru a lot of the tasks on my To-Do List.

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will be doing some fine hand appliqué. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing something that makes you happy. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥



Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a super weekend. Mine was rather busy and a bit up and down. I had great plans of bashing thru the tasks on my To-Do List but I was struck down with a bit of a bug. So Sunday was spent making these bags, with much appreciated help from my Sarah, in readiness for the first of a popular Christmas Surprise class at Stitchin’ Heaven.


If you haven’t registered your interest in this class yet and are worried you have missed the boat, we have added another date which will be Saturday November 22nd. This is going to be a fun festive class. Mulled wine and mince pies will be served and all supplies needed will be provided. All you need is your sewing machine and your basic sewing kit. Call 01665 570 833 to book this class. I look forward to seeing you on the day. We’re going to have fun while being creative.

I had a pretty interesting Beginner’s Sampler Quilt class on Saturday. Some of my ladies have finished all of their beginner’s sampler blocks and are at the stage of joining them together.


It was wonderful seeing the first of these many quilt centres progressing. This one belongs to Sue who is hiding behind her quilt top. I’m quite sure that Sue will have all her borders added by next month’s meeting.


Several weeks ago I posted about a collaboration project I was doing with my lovely friend Carolyn. Well it’s time to reveal what this project is all about. Here is the project that we have produced using Carolyn’s doodles which she turned into stitcheries. This project is called the Angel Keeper Stitchery Quilt.


Once Carolyn handed over the stitcheries it was my turn to do something to turn the stitcheries into a quilt. So I decided to use a Jelly Roll to frame the stitcheries and bring the project to a wall hanging size quilt. Together with Carolyn’s stitchery designs and the instructions that I composed we now have a pattern. And we have decided that some of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern will be donated to Quilts for Comfort. So now you know. I’m really amazed what two people can do together without being in the same room! So if you’re interested in purchasing this pattern for the Angel Keeper Stitchery Quilt please contact me.

It’s been a pretty good day in my little world. I wasn’t very productive because I had a couple of appointments and various other things that needed to be done. Tomorrow it’s back to longarm quilting for me.

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will be doing some preliminary appliqué work. I hope you have  super cosy evening doing something you really enjoy. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥ 





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