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Oh yes folks, you heard it here first. This very happy longarm quilter has had a fabulous Friday. I decided to have a day away from longarm quilting so my Sarah and I stepped for the morning. The sun was shining lifting our spirits and giving me more energy than any happy longarm quilter should be allowed to have or perhaps it was the caffeinated coffee that had an effect on me! We headed out to Tanfield to visit the lovely Bayberry Hollow. It’s a wonderful place to have a lovely coffee and a treat.

Treat at Bayberry Hollow

And they have a super gift shop. It was quite an adventure getting there as my satnav took us thru a wooded area, then thru the bush and all of a sudden we were amongst the cows. I was sure the satnav was sending us to the wrong place but it took us exactly to where we wanted to be. It was worth the scenic journey. And yes I am a cheater. I ate that tasty scone and drank that delicious coffee when I shouldn’t have. I purchased a gift for my hubby and my Sarah in the gift shop. We had a lovely morning out.

I picked up a couple of patterns yesterday while I spent the day with my whimsy ladies at Stitchin’ Heaven.

Beach Hut Projects

I love beach huts. And to be honest I cannot tell you where my love of beach huts comes from as I have never set foot inside one! And I’m not a water baby and I don’t worship the sun.

In celebration of the upcoming series of Downton Abbey, I have started working with my Downton Abbey fabrics. I purchased four different fabrics from the collection and I have decided to make a bag……

Downtown Abbey fabrics

well what else would this happy bag lady make? So I sat down and worked it out using my EQ7 software ……

Downton Project planned

I was only going to work it out and start cutting it out tomorrow afternoon but I got carried away …..

Lucie's Downton Bag

I’m still counting down the days until the first episode of the new series of Downton Abbey starts on Sunday ….

Downton Countdown

Now before I go, I pulled out this Scrappy Log Cabin which I started working on and finally joined up a few weeks ago. I have finally started working on a plan.

New whimsy project

I have decided that I’m going to do some whimsical applique on this quilt top. So I purchased a couple of new fat quarters which I think will stand out on this background.  I’m looking forward to getting started just to see what it will look like. I have really enjoyed my whimsical applique work lately. Sue asked me if my Mystery Whimsical Applique & Stitchery design is available for purchase. Well I was thinking I would like to release it as a quarterly pattern if there’s enough interest. So only time will tell.

So that’s my report for today. I have enjoyed every moment of my day. I wish everyday was like today. Tomorrow I have some finished quilts to deliver in the morning and in the afternoon I hope to play in my sewing room with my Downton Abbey fabrics again. Did you know that autumn starts on Sunday?

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will be doing some more planning. I hope you enjoy a peaceful evening doing something you enjoy. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥

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Time is just flying again. It seems that just five minutes ago I woke up from a long night’s sleep. I spent part of the day in my sewing room longarm quilting Mary’s lovely girly quilt. I love this quilt. It’s fresh and girly just the way I like my quilts. Mary left the choice of quilting designs to me. So today I decided to go with Cloud Nine which was designed by Patricia Ritter and a candy pink colour thread. I really pleased with my choices. Have a look at this sweetie ……

Mary's Girly Quilt 2


Mary's Girly Quilt 3


Mary's Girly Quilt 4


Mary's Girly Quilt 5


Mary's Girly Quilt

Mary, I love this quilt and before I could get the chance to envelope myself in its’ sweet loveliness, I decided I had better bag it ready to be delivered next week. I have put it away out sight out of mind. Now hopefully I won’t forget next Tuesday when I promised to deliver it.

Mary's Girly Quilt 6

Look what was on the front page of our local newspaper last Saturday.

Favourite Beach Huts

Those are my favourite local Beach Huts. It’s with these Beach Huts that my fondness of Beach Huts started. With this beautiful summer weather we’ve been experiencing I imagine these Beach Huts are being very well used. After the workmen disappeared shortly after lunch hubby and I stepped out to purchase some paint and on the way back we stopped off at the beach and had ice cream. Not just any old ice cream but Italian ice cream. It’s such a long time since I’ve had ice cream. When you’re on a slimming programme you don’t eat ice cream so today’s special treat was just that, a very special indeed.

It’s been a lovely day. And productive one too. Starting today my time is really my own for a few weeks. I have a few good things to look forward to such as The Festival of Quilts next month. I might get a little time with my Sarah although she’s got a social life of her own nowadays. And I can work on any of my UFOs or start new projects if that’s what I feel like doing. This feeling of freedom is great. It’s time to recharge my battery and find new inspiration along the way.

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will probably do the same as last evening, which was work on some applique patches. Fun, fun, fun. Whatever you decide to do this evening, I hope you have fun too. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥

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I’m going to try to keep today’s post short. I got loads done today. The main that I got accomplished is longarm quilting my Double Monkey Wrench quilt. I started it quite late in the day but somehow I managed to get the job finished.

Double Monkey Wrench Quilted 1

Double Monkey Wrench Quilter 2

I decided on a quilting design called Plush designed by Hermione Agee and a cream colour thread. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I machined the binding onto the front of the quilt and I plan on hand finishing this binding tomorrow morning while it’s cool. It’s simply too hot to have a quilt piled into my lap while I hand finish the binding at the moment.

You might remember that I earlier in the week hubby and I took ourselves off to Leven Crafts. Well here are two more purchases from my visit. The first is a little purple felt brooch and the other is a kit to make up a tote bag. Notice the Beach Huts?

Felt Brooch

Bag Kit

It’s been another really good day. We all stepped out this morning to run a few errands and then we all scattered to different areas of the house to get on with things. It’s been sunshine and warm temperatures all day. I wonder how long this seasonal weather will last. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Well it’s time for me to work on my daily doodle. I will post a photo of said doodles soon. I think I forgot to post last weeks. You’re going to think I’m sleeping on the job! As well as doodling this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will be doing some whimsical applique and stitchery work. I can’t wait to reveal what I have been working on! What will you work on this fine summer evening? Whatever you decide to work on, I hope you enjoy it. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥

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I spent most of today out and about. Today was my hubby’s last day at home for a few weeks. Tomorrow he flies off to faraway lands to get some work done. So we had a nice day mooching about. We started the day off by collecting something at my local framing shop which I will show you later in this post. And then we popped into the post office to post a Mother’s Day present for my mother who lives in Montreal. Then it was off to Starbucks for a delicious coffee and onto Consett we went. I came home with a bag full of useful sewing notions. It was great fun picking out such things as straight pins, brass safety pins, an eyelet punch, magnifying tweezers, shoulder pads and a 4” embroidery hoop. Oh and somehow a couple of metres of fabric found its’ way into my bag as well. I’m pleased to have bagged a few bargains. It was a lovely ride to and from Consett. Miss Daisy was very well behaved.

Most of you will probably know that here in England it’s a bank holiday weekend. So Monday is  a holiday. No school for Sarah. With hubby flying off in the wee hours of Saturday morning, we will have to entertain ourselves. So Sarah has made plans and I have made a To-Do List. So here are a couple of things I plan to play with over the next three days……

I plan on testing this new gadget.

Gadget Ruler

And I plan on doing some magic on this letter “A”.

A for the weekend

And then I plan on turning this panel in something fun. I love this chicken panel. In fact I love whimsical chickens full stop. And this Red Rooster panel is beautifully whimsical. I’m planning to keep it simple but it will be fun to work on. I’m looking forward to this one.

Red Rooster Panel

Here’s a shot of the selvedge on the Red Rooster fabrics.

Red Rooster Panel Selvage

Every time I have written selvedge lately I wondered if I was spelling correctly. So this evening I went to Wikipedia to find out what the correct spelling is. So here is what it says; The selvage (US English) or selvedge (British English) is the term for the self-finished edges of fabric. The selvages keep the fabric from unravelling or fraying.[1][2] The selvages are a result of how the fabric is created. In woven fabric, selvages are the edges that run parallel to the warp (the longitudinal threads that run the entire length of the fabric), and are created by the weft thread looping back at the end of each row. In knitted fabrics, selvages are the unfinished yet structurally sound edges that were neither cast on nor bound off.[3][4] Historically, the term selvage applied only to loom woven fabric, though now can be applied to flat-knitted fabric. So it looks like I was right to question the spelling. You learn something new every day.

I have been checking the Design Seeds website recently for colour inspiration. Here’s the latest combination that I really liked. I find this website has wonderful inspiration.


I received a lovely thank you card last week from my adopted newbie, Carol. I was so touched by her handwritten words that I decided the little card, which was specifically chosen with me in mind, needed to be framed. The card is a piece of art in itself, with its’ colourful beach huts. You can almost feel the sea breezes and the warm sand between your toes when you look at it. So I took the card to my local framing shop last weekend and yesterday afternoon I got a phone call saying that the job was done. So we collected it today. As usual the people at Frameworks have done a superb job framing my artwork. So here is a sneak peek at my beautiful beach huts ready to hang on the wall. The written message part of the card is on the back of the picture where I can read it on days when I need to remember what the true meaning of life is. Thank you for boosting my confidence Carol. It’s so nice to know that someone thinks I’m special.

Carols Card

It’s been a lovely busy but quiet day. There was no rushing around like we usually do. We got lots done in a relaxed way. I’m really pleased to have a quiet weekend ahead of me. I want to get my house in order and then next week it’s back to the old grind.

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will be doing some hand quilting. Whatever you may be doing this evening, I hope you’re taking time to smell the flowers. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥

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Goodness me! It’s been absolutely freezing in Happy Longarm Quilter Land today. I came in from walking the dogs this morning with a frozen face. The wind made it a biting cold day. And once the sun disappeared at lunchtime the snow started. I was glad to be able to hide myself away from the weather for the rest of the day. I love snow but it’s starting to interfere with my social life now! While the big fluffy flakes were coming down at lunchtime I was dreaming of disappearing into my beloved imaginary Beach Hut ……

Beach Huts

While all the wintry weather was going on outside I was cosy indoors working on Freemotion Quilting my Dresden Project. Yesterday I did the ruler work on the Dresden Plate and today I filled in using a swirly design all around the Plate. Then I did some walking foot work anchoring the sawtooth border in place. The next step will be to do some Freemotion Quilting in the negative space of the sawtooth border. It looks like I’m well on track to Finish it Up some time over the next week or so. I’m taking my time with job and thinking it over at every stage. My HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen is doing quite a good job of quilting this little quilt.

Dresden Progress c

Last night I finally start hand quilting my little Simple Trip Around the World. I didn’t get very far but I did enjoy it. I’m hoping to finish off the section that I have marked so far, this evening and start marking the next section. I generally mark one section at a time when I’m hand quilting and I don’t have a definite plan until I start marking. And of course I’m keeping it simple because I think less is more…….

Hand Quilting Trip Around the World

The reason I show you my projects at the different stages is so that any newbies that might be checking out my meagre blog can see how to approach things in bite size pieces. It’s great to see a project when it’s completely finished but if you see it at the different stages it’s more obvious how simple it is.

It seems that Use up Your Scraps has really gotten under my skin. I have ordered some Paper Pieces for English Paper Piecing in order to  use up some more of my scraps. There was a time when Paper Pieces were not readily available in the UK but nowadays you can purchase them from Hannah’s Room. I was really pleased to find the card templates for elongated hexagons and diamonds for baby blocks. I love the quiet traditional art of English Paper Piecing. And if I can use up more scraps I will be very happy. I’ve been so good about not buying fabric last month but now I feel the need to buy some new fabric which I hope to do tomorrow. I am planning a visit to Stitchin’ Heaven, weather permitting of course. However should the bad weather rear its ugly head, then I plan on cutting up a Jelly Roll. I know exactly what I want to make with said Jelly Roll. So watch this space.

It’s been another great day especially while I was warm and cosy indoors. And I really enjoyed my FMQ effort again today. The more I play with my Sweet Sixteen the better I like it. I look forward to whatever tomorrow brings whether it’s a trip out or staying home and cutting up a Jelly Roll. I’ll be happy either way.

And last this evening, I got a text message this morning from the lovely June with a photo attached of her Use up Your Scraps project. I was tickled pink that she decided to share her success with me and now with all of you. Here’s a sneaky peek at the lovely scrappy project June made with her scraps. Well done June and I’m really glad you met the challenge. If anyone else has a scrappy project you would like to share with us please send me a photo and I will do my best to post it.

June Bates Scrappy Project

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will be hand quilting and hopefully marking the next section of the quilt. Whatever you may be doing this evening, I hope you’re well sheltered from the elements. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥

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I’m a staunch believer in labelling quilts. As a longarm quilter, I see plenty of quilts of all description. I see loads of very first quilts and I see even more quilts made by seasoned quilt makers. I believe that it’s really important to label your quilts because; in many years to come when your quilt has been passed from one generation to the next it would be rather nice for the current keeper of the quilt to know who made the quilt and when. I’ve been an advocate of labelling quilts for as long as I’ve been longarm quilting. And the reason I’m bringing up this subject yet again is that Leah Day has been talking about this in her most recent blog post. So I ditto her.

Now I know my mother won’t thank me for this but I’m posting a photo of one of her first quilts. This quilt was pieced in 1974 and up until recently the quilt wasn’t signed. So now as you can see, by simply using a Micron pen, the quilt is signed and dated. This quilt is almost 40 years old; eventually my Sarah will take possession of it and hopefully it will be passed onto her children. Now wouldn’t it be a shame if in another 40 years the keeper of this little quilt didn’t know who pieced and quilted it and when it was completed. Every quilt we make is a bit of history. So whether you sign your quilts with a fancy hand stitched label, a pre-printed label or just a simple signature doesn’t matter; the important thing is to sign/label your quilts. Be proud of the quilts you piece.

Here’s a sample of the quilt labels I have been using lately. These are designed by Sandy Gervais for Moda. I have them in three different colour ways. I like these labels because they’re wonky which, as you know, suits my personality perfectly.

I found something to add to my collection of beach huts. This beach hut ribbon is so sweet. I’m not quite sure where or even when I will use it but I will add it to my stash of beach hut fabric to make something interesting.

A few weeks ago I post about how my Sarah got interested in making friendship bracelets. Well the craft has gone ever further. She is making personalised bracelets now. She’s had an order for several bracelets but not only that, Sarah has increased her repertoire with beaded bracelets. Have a look at the one she made for me today. I chose the beads and she made it up for me this afternoon. I think it won’t be long until Sarah needs an assistant to help keep her orders straight. I like to see our teenagers doing something worthwhile.

Well life seems to have slowed down for this happy longarm quilter and family. My feet seem to be touching the ground again. Over the next few weeks I hope to experiment with fabric, thread, paint, buttons, rubber stamps, ribbon and a number of other things. There’s a little fun scheduled for this happy longarm quilter.

So for this evening, this happy longarm quilter will be working on Red Hexagons or Double Wedding Ring or perhaps even some doodling; if I can stay awake long enough. Whatever you may be doing this evening, I wish you a peaceful relaxing time. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching.



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First of all today I’m starting with this quote to give you something to think about this weekend; Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.  – Henry Ford

Hubby and I have spent hours trying to make decisions. We live quite a simple life. I do longarm quilting amongst other things and hubby has been affiliated to the sea for the last thirty five years or so. Our Sarah is still studying so she has another few years before she starts her journey down the road to reality. I think we will soon be able to divulge what happens next.

We took a ride down the road this morning. Our first stop was the tip as the garage was full to the brim with furniture that hubby had to move out of the way in order to relocate the Horn sewing cabinet yesterday. And here it sits all nice and tidy ready to launch into action.

Ladies, never under estimate the uses for simple nude tights. Yesterday when we moved the cabinet out of its’ original space and up the stairs we had to fasten the top flaps down so they wouldn’t open while man handling it up the one step at a time. So we used a pair of my tights; I didn’t know they could stretch that far. And you know what I can still wear them as they didn’t even get damaged! When I’m faced with a difficult task such as moving heavy furniture, and believe me hubby and I have moved all sorts of furniture and appliances together over the years, I start to laugh uncontrollably. Yesterday I was pretty calm and didn’t laugh. Hubby pushed from the bottom and guided from the top. We were both very relieved when we made it to the top of the stairs with the cabinet intact. Now I can Free Motion Quilt to my hearts’ content. The little blue room is bright and well lit. I think I will spend many happy hours creating in the little room. Here’s the hole left by relocating the Horn cabinet which will probably be filled next week by a new arrival.

The next stop on our way up the road was Heighley Gate Garden Centre. We had a lovely cuppa and a treat and we bought a couple of house plants. We looked for beach hut memorabilia but found none. So we pushed off and carried on up the road to Stitchin’ Heaven and found these beach huts.

We found the lovely animated Anne, who runs Stitchin’ Heaven manning the kettle when we arrived. My mission was to find something for an inner and outer border for my Jelly Roll Race quilt. Now Sarah has claimed the quilt and decided on certain colours for the borders and I was lucky enough to find something I feel will appeal to Sarah. I need to get the quilt top finished because I want to get it quilted sometime next week so Sarah can enjoy it. And besides I’m itching to see it finished because I have a few Jelly Rolls in my stash that I might possibly use up in the same way. Not only that but I think I could use scraps in the same fashion but before I start cutting everything up I want to be sure that it makes up a nice quilt.

I’m hoping we can get out and about over the weekend. I’m not quite sure what the weather is going to be doing but I feel the need to remove myself from the house and visit the beach. I would love to head down to Whitby and have a stroll around the town. It’s absolutely ages since I visited Whitby. It’s one of the first places my hubby took me many years ago when we were courting. I see Whitby as a charming little town with all its fish and chip shops the 199 steps up to the abbey. If we do happen to go I will be sure to buy a stick of rock.

So I’m off now to start adding the borders to my Jelly Roll Race quilt. And later this evening I will be working on rug hooking again. I really had a good go last evening. I find if I work on something while watching the telly I manage to stay awake! Whatever you may be doing this evening, I hope you manage to stay awake long enough to find out who done it. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching.

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