Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a fab day. It’s been sunny all day in my little corner of the northeast of England. I stepped out first things this morning to walk my Maisie in the sunshine. Now that she’s older she doesn’t enjoy the rain but makes the most of the sunny dry days.

My Sarah and I had a wonderful long weekend. There was a real buzz in the air in my little town as the Tall Ships Regatta was in our little port. The committee who put the event together did a wonderful job. I think the biggest hurdle to overcome was working out the parking situation. The council put out thousands of signs directing traffic to the designated park and ride areas. Sarah and I took a leisurely stroll to the port yesterday in the sunshine to see what all the fuss was about. It was the first time in the 23 years that I have lived in the UK that I have ventured out on a bank holiday!!! You know what??? I had a wonderful time. It’s been drummed into my head for so many years that we don’t go out on a bank holiday because of the crowds. Well we thru caution to the wind and headed out anyway. There were plenty of other attractions apart from the Tall Ships to see. There were street acts, food stalls, fairground rides and the main stage had a wonderful band performing songs that I actually recognised! The band consisted of 4 old dudes, my age, who played what I consider classic songs from the Eagles, The Beatles and local folk type bands but the song I enjoyed the most was Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. It’s ages since I went to a gig to listen to live music. What a sheltered life I have lived since coming to the UK.

With the coming of Brexit, the British economy has suffered a little in recent times. As I understand it, house sales have taken a nose dive but the rental property market seems to be booming. I couldn’t imagine renting my house in 24 hours …..

DSCN8230 (2)

Well now that the bank holiday weekend is over I guess it’s back to school time. I’m sure there are plenty of parents furiously trying to get their kids kitted out for school. I can remember the first day of school with fond memories. I wish I could turn back time. I would certainly have done things very differently given the chance.

So for this evening, this very happy and super ambitious quilt maker will be doing a bit of hand quilting on the Sweethearts Dozen quilt. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing some that makes you happy. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching ♥ ♥

Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all enjoyed a super weekend. The sunshine and gentle breezes have disappeared temporarily but I didn’t let that get me down. My Sarah and had plenty to keep us busy. I packed up some books and put them in storage. And then I disappeared into my sewing room to mooch around. I cut and joined miles of binding for a Quilt for Comfort quilt. And then I dragged out my needle felting equipment to contemplate what I could make with my supplies.

DSCN8227 (2)

My friend Anne from Frayed at the Edge posted about doing some needle felting a couple of weeks ago. And during a conversation we had, she said that needle felting is a great way of relieving stress. You simply visualise what’s stressing you and you stab your felted project until your stress disappears. I guess it’s works the same way as stabbing a Voodoo doll. So a little session of needle felting is at the top of my To-Do List for this week. I’m so pleased that my needle felting books were filed in the same bag as all my felting tools. Because I have been sorting and disposing of things, quite often of late, I have spent hours looking for things that have been sorted and repacked!

I promised a progress photo of my hand quilting progress of my Sweethearts Dozen quilt …..

DSCN8223 (2)

I have one more side of this simple heart vine design to quilt which I hope to finish this evening. The photo is not the best quality because of the lack of light but I think you get the general idea. I have kept all the quilting designs for this quilt rather simple. I feel that if I keep it simple I’m more likely to stick to it and succeed. My quilting is far from perfect but I’m happy with it. My aim, in any craft I take on, is to produce something to a reasonable standard that makes me happy. Quilt making makes me happy. It keeps both my mind and hands occupied while everything around me happens.

It’s been a nice weekend in my little world and it’s not over yet as tomorrow, which is Monday, is a holiday. I’m going to make the most of tomorrow because the rest of my week is going to be rather busy. My days are chock-a-block full for the next couple of weeks. Life seems to be speeding up again for some unknown reason. When life speeds up so does the drama. I don’t think I like it.

So for this evening, this very happy and super ambitious quilt maker will be doing some hand quilting and perhaps a little binding hand finishing if I can stay awake long enough. I hope you all have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching ♥ ♥

Hello my lovelies. I hope you’re all enjoying a fabulous weekend. The warm sunshine and gentle breezes have been just wonderful in my little corner of the northeast of England. I can’t imagine a better place to be today. And although I have not even picked up a needle so far today, I feel like I have crammed a lot of living into this one day. I spent part of the afternoon writing an article. It all started as notes which grew into a full blown description of my life over the last twenty-something years. In my quest to rediscover myself I have learned quite a lot.  And I hope to help others work their way thru loss while trying to rebuild their lives.


My plan for today was to mark another area of my Sweethearts Dozen quilt in readiness for hand quilting but I got carried away with writing my article instead. I’ll have to catch up on the hand quilting this evening. I set myself a goal to have a certain area of my quilt hand quilted by Sunday evening and I believe I still have a chance of meeting the challenge on time. Quite often in life, things don’t go to plan. I think things happen for a reason. Perhaps this article that I’m writing, is more important than hand quilting a quilt.

Sweethearts Dozen in the hoop for crosshatch quilting

So far it’s been a really good weekend. And I have two more days of peace before I have to face the real life again. Tomorrow I plan on being kind to myself. Once I have walked the dog and done a couple of household chores I plan on hand stitching to my heart’s content. I’m determined to catch up on the hand quilting I didn’t do today. I’m hoping for the same warm sunshine and gentle summer breezes we had today.

I’m going to leave you today with something to think about. Supposing you have tried and failed again and again. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down. ~ Mary Pickford

So for this evening, this very happy and super ambitious quilt maker will be doing some hand quilting. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing something you thoroughly enjoy. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching ♥ ♥

Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a brilliant day. The sun has been shining here in my little corner of the northeast of England. Taking my Maisie for a walk this morning was so enjoyable. The sun was mixed with light breezes making it very comfortable.

I got up pretty early this morning because Sarah and I had a plan of action for today. However, I desperately wanted to move forward with my current UFO which I am very happy to tell you that I have joined all the blocks together and I’m so pleased with how the quilt looks at this stage.

DSCN8214 (3)

The next step is to find something in my stash to use for the outer borders. I’m not sure if I have any of the printed fat quarters I used for the appliqué. Those prints would be great to piece together to turn into the outer border.

Once I finished joining all my blocks, Sarah and I moved onto our plan of action. We decided to piece a few wee quilts. The little quilts only just 16” x 20” in size and we used mainly Jelly Roll strips and other fabric in our stash. I managed to piece and bind two very simple little quilts …..

DSCN8219 (2)

And Sarah, the big show off, pieced and bound three little quilts …..

DSCN8221 (2)

I know these five little quilts will be appreciated. So spending a few hours piecing them was a pleasure. It was a good way of using up some of my stash, scraps of leftover wadding and calico for backing. The best part is the feeling you get from doing something useful.

I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned it already, but it’s a bank holiday this weekend here in England. Usually the bank holiday weather isn’t brilliant. I’m hoping that the weather between now and Monday is as good as todays was. I have one or two outings planned not to mention a couple of trips to the tip to dispose of surplus to requirement household stuff. Hopefully I will be able to scrounge up a some packing boxes in order to pack up a few things to be put in long-term storage.

So for this evening, this very happy and super ambitious quilt maker will carry on hand quilting the Sweethearts Dozen. I had set it aside for a while because I had hand quilters block but I’m back on track now. I hope to show you some progress photos next week. I hope you all have a super cosy weekend doing bank holiday stuff. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching

DSCN8186 (2)


Hello my lovelies. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. My Sarah and I have had a great couple of days mooching around. I stepped out on Saturday to have a sewing session with some of my friends in Shilbottle. Goodness me it does a soul good to get out and about and socialise. I’ll show you soon which UFO I was working on during my sewing visit on Saturday.

I’ve been working pretty steady on UFOs over the last six months. And in my quest to keep the number of UFOs down, I worked on a small project today and saw it to thru to the end. That doesn’t happen very often. One of my lovely friends set a small challenge for me to test a new tool she just purchased. So in order to make the job easier I chose a Charm Pack to use instead of cutting a variety of 5” squares. Note to self: purchase a couple of packs of 5” Charm Squares because they are very useful. I do have plenty of fabric I could have cut up but it would take forever to choose the colours and prints. So I followed the suggestions on the packaging of the ruler I was testing and joined 24 squares together and added a 3” border on all four sides …..

DSCN8162 (2)

Here’s a little peek at the ruler and the leftover scraps after I cut up the quilt top using the Lil Twister tool. I must admit that using this ruler is quite a good method of making this twister type windmill block.

DSCN8166 (2)

Within two hours of ripping the band off the charm pack I was layering up the Lil Twister quilt top in readiness for machine quilting …..DSCN8172 (4)


I did some simple in the ditch quilting and a wee bit of wavy stitch quilting in the borders …..

DSCN8178 (2)

I added the binding which I plan to hand finish this evening …..

DSCN8179 (2)

This is a great little project when you want a short sharp fix of quilt making with a twist. The instructions are clear and so you can’t go wrong. The ruler has cushioned grippy dots that help keep it in place while you’re rotary cutting around it. And the alignment markings in the centre of the ruler are very clear making it easy to centre your ruler over the correct part of the quilt top. All in all it was a great adventure.

I had a little trip to my loft yesterday. I was searching for my needle felting kit. Luckily I found it without any struggle whatsoever. I have a special little trial project in mind. I’ve heard say that needle felting by hand is very therapeutic. So if you’re going thru a stressful time, you should take up needle felting by hand. I’ll let you know if it works for me. I’m really looking forward to having a play. I’ve had my needle felting tools for quite some time but never did much of anything with them. So I’m going to combine supplies that I have been collecting from Oliver Twist for the last few years along with roving from my needle felting kit and see what I can produce.

It’s been a rather good and productive day in my little world. I’m really pleased that I managed to piece a little quilt from start to finish in one day. It was a real treat to flash up my sewing machine and have a good old sewing session. While I was busy in my sewing room I enjoyed the sunshine and the little birds outside the window bathing and feeding. I definitely enjoy the simple things life has to offer.

So for this evening, this very happy and super ambitious quilt maker will be hand finishing the binding on today quilt making effort and planning a new needle felting project. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy doing. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching ♥ ♥

Hello my lovelies. I seem to be missing in action quite a lot of the time this summer. Well I’m just busy having a good time. The summer will soon be over and I don’t want to miss out on any summery activity I could possibly be taking part in. I have noticed that a lot of the back to school merchandise is disappearing off the shelves in the shops which reminds that the kids will soon be back to school. I can remember getting my Sarah ready for back to school all those years ago. Nowadays she purchases her own supplies but I must admit I still love looking at all the new stuff. And although I don’t buy pencil cases for myself I still have a good look at them at this time of year. I can’t believe how time is flying.

I’ve done so much over the last few weeks that I can’t remember half of what I did. I can tell you that I have been living a very fulfilling life. Probably because I have stayed away from watching the Olympics. My Sarah and I have had a few road trips exploring the north of my little corner of the northeast of England. We’ve made new friends and had one or two catch up sessions with old friends. Life is much easier in happy quilter land of late.

Now let’s move onto a little sewing news. Well to be honest there isn’t a lot because I have been keeping busy by doing other things. I’ve been playing with woolly bits …..

Woolly Rolls

I’ve been re-acquainting myself with hand quilting tools …..

PVC Quilting Hoop

Quilt marking pens.pencils

I’ve revamped old designs …..

A Pocketful of Gingerbreads

By adding a new twist …..

A pocketful of Gingerbreads take 2

And in my quest to stamp my own personality to my space, I’ve added a lick of paint to old furniture …..

Painting furniture

And now and again I observed nature do what it does quite naturally …..

DSCN7957 (2)

So far it’s been a pretty good summer. My Sarah and I have recharged our batteries in readiness for any opportunity that might come our way this autumn. There’s so much to look forward to. I look forward to the warm colours of autumn. And this year, Christmas will be very different, something else to really look forward to.

Something that always amazes, and I have mentioned this many times before but I’m going to say this again. I am amazed about how many people read my simple daily ramblings. Readers from so many different countries around the world. When I got up at 6am this morning these were the countries I got hits from, US, UK, France, Russia, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Algeria, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, South Korea, Italy and India, just to name a few. It’s amazing! I think it must be time to organise another giveaway just to say thank you for popping in. So keep reading and I will announce something soon. In the meantime, I will find some nice prizes to award to the winners.

So for this evening, this very happy and super ambitious quilt maker will be making circles to appliqué onto a 25 UFO blocks. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing something that you truly enjoy doing. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching ♥ ♥


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