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Today started off with a session with my beginners. As you can probably see we were working on Yo-Yos/Suffolk Puffs. Making Yo-Yos is a great way of using up scraps. Now that I’ve had a little taste of making Yo-Yos again I feel like having a session of Yo-Yo making for Christmas ornaments; even though I’ve already got a tin full of Yo-Yos ready to use! They’re very simple to make especially when using the Clover Yo-Yo maker.

Yesterday I mentioned that January should be declared Use up Your Scraps Month. Why? Well simply because Christmas is coming and we will be spending every spare penny on festive delights. When January rolls in and we see that our bank balances and piggy banks are seriously running low and we need to keep our hands and minds occupied in the height of winter, what better time to turn to our scrap bins to make something useful and interesting. And let’s face it trying to work out how to make something from scraps can be challenge and therefore will keep your mind occupied. I can’t think of a better way to keep my mind occupied than playing with fabric! So far a couple of ladies declared their intentions of using up their scraps. In the meantime I’m going scour the internet and my books/magazines for ideas that I can use to bust my scrap bins. Chances are I will end up piecing another Primitive Wonky Log Cabin Block quilt. I’ve had a little practice at it so it shouldn’t be too taxing. Perhaps my challenge will be to make two scrappy quilt tops, one for the top and one for the backing. I have pieced one or two quilt backs before. It certainly makes a quilt interesting when both sides are pieced.

On the same subject of using up scraps, perhaps you might consider using up your scraps by making a small sampler. You should visit Oh Sew Tempting, Avis has posted a tutorial for a a lovely sampler. There is a wealth of great tutorials on the web is you can be bothered to search. And for those who like smaller seasonal projects, the lovely and generous Gail Pan has posted a pattern for a lovely Christmas ornament. I’m definitely planning on making the ornament next week. I will be adding other ideas on my Use up Your Scraps page as I find them.

So for this evening, this ambitious happy longarm quilter, having set a challenge and needing to produce some ideas, will be searching every avenue to find said ideas to list and perhaps inspire. Perhaps you’ll be doing the same. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥♥

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Not only is it Good Friday but it was lovely and tranquil as well. We spent most of the day mooching about. The washing machine was whirring in the background while the three of us went about our business. There was nothing too strenuous going on here today. I played in the sewing room quietly working on bits and pieces and Sarah stepped out with her young man in the afternoon for a couple of hours. In the meantime hubby played in the workshop. Fortunately there were no explosions or chemical smells coming from his workshop today. I guess he hasn’t invented anything useful today. Oh well there’s always tomorrow!

A few days ago I decided to get started on hooking a new rug. Well I have drawn out my design which was very much inspired by my recent doodles only a little bit simpler. I haven’t decided what the colour scheme is yet but I have a reasonable selection to choose from.

While I was tidying around in the sewing room this morning I came across a Moda Scrap bag. The bag contained thirty three inch wide strips approximately thirty inches long. So I set to and decided to make a few simple blocks which I can assemble and then use for practicing Free Motion Quilting for my upcoming workshops. I’ve had the Moda Scrap bag for ages and it’s not until today that I decided to do something with it. Pre-cut strips of fabric are so easy to use. They reduce the amount of work before you even get started. I have a reasonable selection of Jelly Rolls stashed away. One in particular which is the latest purchase, I have decided to turn into a stitchery quilt. I just need some co-ordinating fabric for the stitchery block centres.

Speaking of stitcheries; Gail Pan of Gail Pan Designs who is an Australian designer, is the featured designer of the month on the Aurifil blog. And of course, you’ve guessed it; there is a free download for one of Gail’s lovely stitcheries called April Showers. Well I spent a few minutes transferring the design to fabric so I can stitch it myself. I love Gail Pan’s designs. I have one or two of her pattern books. I plan on doing more stitcheries over the summer months. Why not join me in a stitchery project.

It’s been a lovely day for us. The garden is looking pretty good. Everything is coming to life. I like this time of year because there are signs and promises of things to come. I’ve really enjoyed mooching about doing this and that. I have set up a couple of little armchair projects to keep me from falling asleep in front of the telly in the evening. And I’ve had a little trip out to the garden centre for some plants for the troughs and planters around the garden. I hope for one or two more days like today before the Easter holidays are over.

So for this evening, this happy longarm quilter will be working on some rug hooking on the new canvas. Whatever you may be doing this evening, keep warm and dry. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching.

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