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What a wet and dreary day. Hubby and I got caught in the rain several times today. We ran some errands this morning and every time we got out of the car it seemed to be raining harder than the last time. I’m glad to be warm and dry again!

This happy longarm quilter was busy cutting 2-1/2” strips this afternoon. I have a couple of Accuquilt fabric cutters but because I was cutting scraps I decided to use this contraption.

I’ve had this Sew Easy Ruler/Cutter for some time now but I haven’t used it a great deal because it lives behind the door and I guess because I can’t see it I just never think to use it. Well after cutting some 60+ 2-1/2” strips I can report that this is a very good tool. I think this is a super way of cutting fabric especially if you’re a beginner. My friend the lovely Helen told me about it after we had all been to a quilt show a couple of years ago. As I understand it she uses it all the time with very good results. It’s ideal for cutting strips. I will definitely be using it more often. I purchased the long one because I think it’s of more use than the shorter version.

I used that ruler/cutter today because I got it into my head that I could piece another Jelly Roll Race quilt but this time I could use my scraps. So that’s my project for the weekend. My strips are pressed and ready to be joined end to end.

Have you ever wondered how I tension quilts from side to side in my longarm quilting system? Well here is the gadget that helps me do just that. I have used my current set to destruction so I ordered a replacement which arrived this morning. Hubby and I collected the parcel from Parcelforce this morning.

I got no sewing done today. And I got no longarm quilting done either. Mind you I did start planning another project while I was cutting strips galore. The sketchbook is never far from my hand. And I need to jot down notes or sketches whenever I come up with an idea because if I don’t I will forget. I’ve been known to get up in the night to jot down an idea now and again. I am thoroughly enjoying this creative freedom.

Here’s a thought for today:

So for this evening, this happy longarm quilter will once again be working on April Showers. Stitcheries are such a lovely quiet occupation; very relaxing. Whatever you may be doing this evening, I hope you’re warm and dry. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching.

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